The Toby Peters Mysteries
     (Celebrity clients are in parentheses)

 Now You See It   (Cornel Wilde) *Nov 2004 release
 Bullet for A Star     (Errol Flynn)
 Murder On The Yellow Brick Road    (Judy Garland)
 You Bet Your Life    (The Marx Brothers)
 The Howard Hughes Affair    (Howard Hughes)
 Never Cross A Vampire    (Bela Lugosi)
 High Midnight    (Gary Cooper)
 Catch A Falling Clown    (Emmett Kelly)
 He Done Her Wrong    (Mae West)
 The Fala Factor    (Eleanor Roosevelt)
 Down For The Count    (Joe Louis)
 The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance    (John Wayne)
 Smart Moves    (Albert Einstein)
 Think Fast, Mr. Peters    (Peter Lorre)
 Buried Caesars    (Douglas MacArthur)
 Poor Butterfly    (Leopold Stokowski) –
 The Melting Clock    (Salvador Dali)
 The Devil Met A Lady    (Bette Davis)
 Tomorrow Is Another Day    (Clark Gable)
 Dancing In The Dark    (Fred Astaire)
 A Fatal Glass Of Beer    (W.C. Fields)
 A Few Minutes Past Midnight (Charlie Chaplin)
 To Catch a Spy (Cary Grant)
In TO CATCH A SPY, (2002)  Toby now takes on as a client Bristol's own Archibald Alexander Leach, aka Cary Grant.
 Mildred Pierced,  the 23rd Toby Peters novel which, of course, features  Joan Crawford is currently being written as of December 2002.

Toby’s past adventures are being republished by Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc./Pocket Books as trade paperbacks with new afterwords by me.   The first two, MURDER ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD and THE DEVIL MET A LADY are now available and NEVER CROSS A VAMPIRE will be available in October.   The new edition of MURDER ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, originally published in 1977, is a Mystery Guild Selection.

 Also for Toby die-hard fans, GHOSTS OF HOLLYWOOD, the collected poetry of Jeremy Butler, with a preface by me and an introduction by Jeremy’s daughter Natasha, will soon be available.


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