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Authors' Support Services

Do you have a manuscript that needs work?

Do you have a manuscript for which you cannot find an agent or publisher?

Double Tiger Productions offers support services for authors.

We may be what you need.

My name is Enid Perll.  I have 15 years of experience helping authors turn their manuscripts into marketable books.  Unlike many freelance editors who wish minimal or no personal contact with their clients, I provide a very personal service.  As the publishing business has changed over the last 15 years, publishing house editors and literary agents no longer take the time to assist their writers and particularly new and unproved writers with improvements in plot, dialogue, and character development.  These are the very issues I will be addressing with you in our critique sessions.

     If you have the completed manuscript of a novel or non-fiction work, I will read the first several chapters, up to 35 pages, to determine if the work has sufficient potential to merit the next step.  The fee for this reading is $50.  No project will be accepted for critique beyond this reading unless I feel it has the ultimate potential of attracting an agent or publisher.

If the manuscript is accepted for critique, and the author wishes to continue, I will read it and meet with the author who will receive both a written report and a one-on-one discussion of what should be done to make the work marketable.  This one-on-one can take place in person, by phone or through e-mail. The fee for this critique/discussion will be determined by length of manuscript.  I will let you know the exact fee for this service before I begin reading.   If we proceed to the critique, when you leave the discussion session, you will know and have in writing the changes necessary to make your work marketable.  You, as author, are then expected to execute the changes which have been suggested.

Having worked for many years as a psychotherapist, I enjoy problem solving and can assist you in understanding your characters, giving them life, and making your dialogue read natural.  If you wish, I will provide consultation beyond the critique session on an hourly basis for brainstorming, character development, plotting or making dialogue more natural.
   When the changes are made, I will review your revised manuscript.   You may then wish or need a line-by-line editing.  You may, however, not need such a detailed editing.  A one or two-page example of line-by-line editing of the manuscript will be provided at no charge so you will understand the procedure.
Most agents and publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.   Double Tiger Productions  has direct personal contact with agents and publishers who have agreed to read any manuscripts we recommend to them.  These relationships have been built over more than 25 years of working and social contact.  A list of agents and publishers we work with will be provided to clients upon request.   If we feel that a manuscript is ready for publication, we will contact appropriate agents and publishers.  We are not only editors.  Our goal is to support you through the process of writing a book and having it published. We work to get your revised and marketable book read by agents or publishers.

     We have successfully found agents for several clients and and many of our clients currently have  their revised manuscripts under consideration by agents and publishers.

     We help you do what needs to be done to get published.  One of our clients now has a major agent who is seeking and is confident of finding a publisher for two of his books.  For another client we have arranged for a translator for a book originally published in German.  When the translation is complete, we will edit the book and seek an appropriate agent.  Five books we have recommended to agents have been published.

     Among our clients are musicians, physicians, lawyers, college professors, retirees, homemakers, and business men and women.

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